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by Niboowin

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I'm as sincere as death it's self. This is not the face of a broken being, I am in touch with what I am not. I embrace what keeps me whole. Don't rip us away, we've seen enough We don't need this, just let us be (sane)? Gimikwenden ina nindanweb ninoododadiwin? Do you remember resting peacefully? They bask in the blood of what has become A belonging of what can not be A disconnection of our selves
Raided 03:47
We've watched them arrive, unknowingly the people were all set to die Broken, raped, and enslaved Unspoken unforgettable The tribes, they weep The intruding fucks get their sleep For decades we fight Blood sheds every night The sacred has been damned and raided Our ancestors degraded Native tongues shredded Young forced into a foreign culture If Ojibwe language is spoken They'll leave them beaten, with their pride leaking. Bleeding and leaking But, when the chance is given, we will be seeking When the chance is given, we will seize them When the chance is given, we will destroy them When the chance is given, they won't be breathing None will be breathing All will be deceased Then at last we'll have our peace
They say as above so below Amongst them, all of them, I am more Guilty and putrid, careless conscious I tower with pain above all of them I cry, and try to fathom why my life is worthless let me lye and decay I can't go on Let me die and rot I'm not unashamed I'm just a useless ill minded fool
New Dawn 04:43
JustFuckingKnow it's no longer midnight in America, it's a new dawn. The ideal that we will cross that bridge long after we burn it, burn it down A song of razing, to the tune of manifest destiny A sobriquet to ethnic cleansing In this dawn we have cast a shadow of silence This, this is cultural assimilation Cast, cast by, the stones, and stricken to the reeds When it comes to playing God we are unforgiving This, this is cultural assimilation Cast, cast by, the stones, and stricken to the reeds And to our forefathers who are unforgivable
Eager Burden 02:56
Drifting away in my thoughts They are heavy with emotion, confusion and frustration Anxiety takes over randomly, mind is altered immediately. Not quite hurt, but I'm numb and scared Can't stop shaking, can't stop thinking, my chest beating and pounding This disorder is damaging, able to crush ones self esteem and many dreams Years pass and nothing's new, slowly getting worse, tolerable under substance Abusing is soothing, it eases the mind Patiently waiting to rest
Silhouettes 03:12
Lost, trapped in my mind, is this real? Dazed, scared I won't make it, this is real. I need to get out of this In between realities, I'm paused with Silhouettes staring at me Some are greeting most are eerie Lying down breathless, I am helpless There is nothing that I can do, I am so fucking stuck I gasp for relief as I mentally put myself down by my confused conscience it's nonsense It likes to repeat itself I need to get out of this I need to conquer my fear
Climb the limbs blind Let no one follow Grasping and holding on Let no one follow All will fall, all fall Don't watch them Embrace it Don't be fooled
Woken by flames, instantly pained Rush to the fear of death Woken by flames, instantly pained Rush to my childhoods end Men in all the yellow in a frightened jitter They can't answer my question My face is deathly red my mind is weak I can't fucking take this Rip out my retina rip out my eyes Hold them both so I can't cry Please, I don't wanna see 2x But let me see the world let me be myself Ahki Ahki I don't wanna die don't you let me die Ahki Ahki I've seen it all before just let me go Ahki Ahki Mukaday Odayin has risen Terror shatters their precious minds Anxiety ridden members are fine Life is a beautiful thing Now they are safe


released February 2, 2018

Recorded @ Lakebottom Recording House by J.C. “Splatty Daddy” Griffin 2017
Mastered @ Audioseige by Brad Boatright 2018
Art by Michal “Dodo’ Urban

Niboowin is:
Nick “Nick Name… Nick”
Dillion “Dillion Baller Baby”
Jimmy “Danger”
Mikey “Dr. Skid”
Guest Vocals by Rorik “Whiskey Dad”


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Niboowin Michigan

Niboowin is a Screamo band with Black Metal, Punk and downright heavy shit for influences

Four friends from Central Michigan making music.

From old souls ashes we arise.

More to come.
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